How To Get A Free Reading From A Psychic Today

An excellent way to start off your week is to get a psychic reading. These are individuals that have clairvoyant powers, allowing them to see into your life. The ones that are extremely good at this are able to see visions. They can also experience feelings and emotions. They literally become part of your lifestream, venturing into the most prominent possibilities, and they can help you make decisions that will be very beneficial for you. In most cases, they are going to charge money when they are providing you with this type of service. That is how they make their living. However, those that are trying to generate more clients, or if they are just starting out, they will often provide a free reading.


What Is The Difference Between A Free Reading And A Paid Reading?

Other than the obvious which is one cost money, and the other does not, there is not a lot of difference between the two. The main difference is going to be the details of the reading simply because they are only going to provide you with a reading that will last a minute or two. If you get a full on psychic reading, these can last around 15 minutes, sometimes more. They might even last an hour. The longer that you work with them, the higher the probability that what they are telling you is going to be relevant and helpful for your life.

How To Find Free Psychic Readings Online

A free reading from a psychic is often advertise by many of these psychics. Although it may not be your first choice, it’s a way of getting to know the different psychics that are out there. It is only by providing this free reading that they are able to attract people that otherwise would not do this. If they like what they hear, or if they just like the psychic, they will probably come back and pay the money for something that is more extensive.

Free psychic readings are a great way to try out the different psychics that are available. It allows you to pick and choose from all of the different ones that are currently offering their services. If you have the time, spend a little bit of it going through the different free psychic readings that you can find on the web. Whether you do this in person, or if this is over Skype, you will at least have a little bit more knowledge about which psychic you will want to use to help you change your life.

Review of Universal Guild Psychic Network

psychic scamThe Universal Psychic Guild lays claim to being the largest psychic network in the world. It’s certainly global, with an extensive network of psychics from every corner of the globe and a wide variety of psychics to choose from.

Types of Readings

The Universal Psychic Guild offers phone readings, text message readings, private video chat readings and e-mail readings. You can also get dream interpretation, numerology reports, tarot card readings, and astrology readings. The readings cover the standard subjects such as love, past lives, and other typical psychic subject matter. They seem especially focused around the love and dating arena, however, more than on other types of psychic readings. There’s very little to indicate specialties in other common areas like careers or past lives.

Screening Process

There’s not much information about this network’s screening process, which makes it a little suspect. What have they got to hide? The website says to submit an application and the applicant will be contacted if there is an opening, a phrase which could indicate a tough screening process or a “warm body” philosophy that moves psychics in and out of the network very quickly. It’s just very difficult to tell, so you need to be wary of these individuals and really look before you put your faith in any genuine psychics that you find on this site.

Impression of Website

This website is a little busy but it’s kind of nice, with plenty of free articles, videos, and resources that set them apart from most psychic networks. There’s a sense that this network has really joined the 21st century by offering a variety of multi-media and ways to interact with their psychics. For example you can receive free daily video horoscopes, find recommended products through, and a variety of articles. The site also offers some fun features like the “psychic ability test.” While the test is probably not the best way to see if you’re psychic it’s still a lot of fun. There’s a forum and a free chat as well.

Price and Special Offers

The Universal Psychic Guild falls back on two fairly standard special offers. 10 minutes for $10 or 5 minutes free. These deals do make some sense as psychics on this site seem to charge between $2.29 per minute and $5.45 per minute. You buy time in blocks of 15 or 30 minutes. There is a money back guarantee which is usually a good sign. You can also get a free numerology report over e-mail. It’s also one of the only psychic networks that takes Paypal, which is a real advantage for people who prefer to pay that way.


There’s nothing about this network that screams “run away,” but there’s still features that would make this network better such as a customer rating system for each psychic. It would also be great to see more insight into the screening and selection process, which would make it easier to be confident about the psychics there. These two facts keep it from being among the best networks available.

For ratings and reviews on the best psychics, take a look at

Understanding The Concepts Behind Remote Viewing

Signs & PortentsPsychics are individuals who attempt to obtain information by employing their elevated human senses or abilities to perceive. They extract the information using their instincts too. Their sense of sight, feel, hearing and general knowledge together with what statements come up after the attempts forms a consultation that a seeker requires.

However, there have been psychics who charge clients to carry out their claimed psychic abilities remotely on mostly, phone and radio. These, according to my judgement is not accurate. Based on a few factors, the thought of how inaccurate the remote psychics are is as follows:

The missing study of a client’s body language

Since psychics rely on their senses to make conclusion statements, the remote psychics don’t get to study this out of their clients before making their conclusive statements. These non-verbal cues are key to the conclusion of the sessions. These cues such as gestures, facial expressions and stance play a fundamental role during a psychic session and hence remote psychic sessions are deemed to be non-accurate.

Lack of the essential simple eye observation

Shrewd observation offers a comprehensive platform upon which psychic readings can be done to successful conclusion. It requires that the psychic and the client be close together during the session and not have sessions over the phone or via radio. Once this key element is missing, one lacks the complementary study of body language, rendering the relevance of remote psychic readings inaccurate. Having noted this, one can say that remote psychics are not concerned with providing accurate information but rather applying a strategy that may be deceptive so that they can appear to provide the said information when the reality is that they cannot offer accurate information.

Evidence of unexplained clue seeking

With remote psychics, you realize that they try desperately to fish for information while making it hard for you to realize it. They try to elucidate information from clients yet this is not an entirely accurate method of psychic information gathering rather than simple use of all their elevated senses and the fewest of clues to make conclusions. How information is obtained during a psychic session plays a major role in the success of the session. I would consider the deceptive stance used to obtain information a failure of remote psychic sessions.

So much generalization and blurriness

Most of remote psychics may be similar to the horoscope printers in the daily newspapers as the conclusions that they come up with eventually, are so vague and general. I would not be wrong to state that they are considering their clients to be superstitious imbeciles. This is a very crude tactic that they employ to obtain money out of clients. It would be advisable to seek the services of a psychic that you get to see face to face.

The target is usually the gullible and credulous

Believing in the general psychic concepts is a choice that should not be judged. As for the fact that other remote psychics play games on individuals in the society that they deem to be gullible or stupid is just wrong and this is one of the major downfall of remote psychics.


The History of Psychic Readings

People in science often look at psychic readings as utter nonsense. However, not even the most hardened cynic can deny that all human beings sometimes get unexplained feelings or premonitions about future events. These intervals of heightened perception should make it possible for the open-minded to consider that psychic readings may have validity.

History of Psychic Readings

History shows that psychic readings have been taking place since ancient times. These readings used different methodologies – some of which are no longer practiced today. For example, to foretell the future, the Etruscans and the early Romans used haruspicy, the study of the internal organs of animals that had been sacrificed to a god. The Ancient Greeks had their seers and the Oracle; the Ancient Chinese used Kau Cim (popularly referred to as chi-chi sticks today); and dreams were a means to look into the future by the early Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians. Ancient civilizations relied heavily on the psychic capabilities of people in their communities, and to this day people use surviving psychic methods to know realities beyond what straightforward science can define.

Popular Psychic Methods Today

Several methods stand out as popular ways for people to take a peek into the future, understand existing situations, and acquire information for decision making. Some of these methods are permutations from ancient practices and are often embedded in many cultures.

  • Aura reading is done by people who are able to see a field of luminous radiation surrounding another person. Seeing a person’s aura allows the reader to understand the character of that person and sense the effect that coming events may have on that person’s life.
  • Palmistry is of the most popular psychic reading forms today, and countless books have been written about the topic. Palmists use the lines and the shape of a person’s hand to read both his character and his future.
  • Cartomancy refers to the use of cards to predict future events or to understand ongoing developments in peoples’ lives. Tarot card reading, a form of cartomancy, uses cards that have specific, easier to interpret images. Books and manuals have been published on how tarot cards can be used.
  • Psychometry is the psychic method of obtaining information about a person through contact with that person’s belongings, usually objects that are meaningful to him. This method has been used to locate missing persons.
  • Other commonly used methods for psychic readings today include numerology, the reading of rune stones, tea leaves, and crystals.

It is evident that people today have a strong desire to know the future and to understand things beyond what can be perceived by normal senses.  A great resource for psychic readings is a site called  Perhaps someday science will catch up with the paranormal and find a viable explanation for intuition, ESP, and precognition. When that time comes, psychic reading just might become standard operating procedure for everybody.

Tips of Obtaining a Psychic Reading

There are many psychics available for you to have psychic readings with. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of faux psychics out there that are only interested in taking your hard earned money and telling you what you want to hear. If you are interested in obtaining a psychic reading, there are some helpful tips you should know first.

You should always ask the seer the cost of the reading before you proceed. Most honest psychics will have an agreement where you are able to prepay for a specific amount of time and they will stop the reading before they exceed that time limit. You should always start with three minutes. That is generally enough time for a psychic that is genuine to gather all of the information from you physically that they need to be able to tell you what they see in the near future. There are various psychics who will offer a reading for free if it is your first time. This is something you should take advantage of. If after your initial three minutes, you are enjoying the reading and the information the psychic is giving you feel is accurate, you should continue the reading.

You should never begin your psychic reading by informing the seer of various personal details about yourself. You want to provide the psychic with enough time to be tune into you and your aura. It is recommended that you keep your initial question short and simple and remain emotionally balanced throughout the reading. If you begin to show too many emotions the seer may reconsider providing you with more information or details regarding that topic. Also, if you are seeing a psychic that is not honest, they will use your emotions to tell you what you want to hear or offer an opinion. That is not what you want in a psychic.

If the psychic asks you to close your eyes or sit in a certain way that is fine. They are attempting to better tune into you. It is even acceptable if the seer asks you the name of the person you want to discuss. However, if they continue to ask personal questions about that person or your relationship you may be dealing with a seer that is not true.

It is also important that you attempt to find reviews on the psychic that you are interested in getting a reading from. You should look for reviews that are honest and ones that focus on whether or not the seer’s predictions were true or not. If all of the reviews are overly positive they may have been planted by the psychic. If the reviews are extremely negative they may have had an unsavory prediction that came true and are only angry regarding the situation.

How to Find The Best Psychics In The World

All across the globe, people are hoping to learn a little bit more about their futures. They may be interested in seeing what the next few years are going to bring, or they might want to talk to a loved one who has past. When you are interested in finding the top psychics, what do you need to do?

Determine What You Want

Before you can pick out the best person to suit your needs, you must determine what it is that you really want. You might say that you are in search of a psychic when you are really looking for a medium. Generally, psychics are those who predict the future, and mediums are those who speak to individuals who have passed. Many people are both of these, and they are called psychic-mediums. Before you book an appointment with anyone, make sure he or she is the right fit for your needs.

Scan The Website

When you are starting to conduct research into specific psychics or mediums who you might wish to hire, you need to carefully go through the websites of all these individuals. You do not want to be scammed, and you want to ensure that you are working with a reputable psychic. Browsing the website can give you a sense of this. For example, if advertisements are constantly popping up as you are trying to view the website, then you might very well be getting scammed. Look for a psychic or a medium who has your best intentions in mind.

Find a Network

Chances are, you have a particular job or career, and you know other people who are in your network. Just as people in your career belong to certain networks, so do psychics. Often, when you have a particular organization or network attached to your name, people feel a greater sense of confidence in you and your abilities. Therefore, you should seek out psychics and mediums who are in the same position. If they are part of a group of individuals who work in this field, you might feel much more confident in your choices.

Ask Family Members and Friends

Best PsychicsNo matter what type of professional you are seeking out, asking people who you actually know is often the best idea. You should ask your family members and friends who they have gone to when they were in need of a psychic or medium. Doing so ensures that you receive a reputable review. Furthermore, you might learn about manifold psychics and mediums who could be of service to you. Since you are asking people who you know, you will likely feel a greater sense of credibility. You can go into the sessions knowing that you are working with a reputable psychic.

Some people assume that all psychics and mediums are phony, but this is not a good attitude to have. As with any field, charlatans certainly exist, but professionals do as well. These tips will help you to find the perfect match for your situation.

Balance your Chakra Centers

We All Have Seven Chakra Centers

Aware or not, each person has seven chakra, or energy centers, in their body. Each has an associated color and focus; when or more are out of balance, the entire system becomes stressed. These imbalances commonly manifest as personality disorders and/or physical illnesses which can be healed if discovered and treated.

The First Chakra

As in the colors of the rainbow, the chakra colors are: red, orange, yellow, green and pink, blue, indigo, and violet. The red, or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. Associated with one’s sense of survival: food, shelter, and safety, a person with a healthy root chakra will feel “grounded”. Those that are unbalanced can find some healing by walking barefoot to connect to the Earth. Eating foods that grow underground can also help, as can any foods which are red in color.

The Second Chakra

Moving up the body, the orange, or sacral chakra, is located just below the navel. Sexuality, as well as the flow of emotional energy, resides here. When the sacral chakra is out of balance, a person may feel a sense of fear and dis-ease, as opposed to a state of satisfaction and well being. In addition to listening closely to emotions that come up, eating foods which are orange in color can help energy flow more freely through this chakra. Pelvic thrust exercises are also helpful.

The Third Chakra

The solar plexus is next in line, located in the upper abdomen. Associated with the color yellow, this chakra is one’s personal power seat and houses creativity. When you are able to express your true calling in life through work or play, you will feel satisfied and excited to awake. If creativity is lacking, depression can easily set in. Movements which flex the abdomen, especially creative dancing, can be beneficial in reopening the energetic flow, as can eating yellow colored foods such as corn and squash.


The Fourth Chakra

Two colors are associated with the heart chakra: pink and green. Pink represents love and green represents healing. Located in the chest near the heart, a person with a healthy heart chakra will have a deep ability to love and be loved by others. If a feeling of abundant love is absent, any opportunity to open to compassion for another, including animals, can enhance the flow of Universal Love. Eating any green colored food is also indicated.

The Fifth Chakra

Our ability to communicate is housed in the throat chakra. Centered in the throat and associated with the color blue, being able to express feelings verbally creates a healthy energy center here. For those that need help communicating, singing and chanting can work miracles, even if preformed completely alone. Fruits of all kinds can help open the throat chakra, as can juices and teas.

The Sixth Chakra

The color indigo represents the third eye chakra, located directly between the eyebrows. When one is in touch with their natural sense of intuition, their third eye is said to be “open”. If not, a person may have difficulties making decisions and thinking clearly. Eye exercises and certain essential oils applied directly to the third eye zone can help, as can forward bending yoga positions and the consumption of purple colored fruits.

The Seventh Chakra

Our seventh main chakra center is known as the crown chakra, located on the top of the head, it’s color violet. A healthy crown chakra will leave a person feeling fully connected to their divine inner presence and give a sense of bliss. Meditation can help, as can surrounding oneself in a clean, healthy environment.

Balancing our chakras can lead to great improvements in the overall quality of our lives. By following simple steps, the road to peace and happiness can be just a bit clearer for each of us.