Review of Universal Guild Psychic Network

psychic scamThe Universal Psychic Guild lays claim to being the largest psychic network in the world. It’s certainly global, with an extensive network of psychics from every corner of the globe and a wide variety of psychics to choose from.

Types of Readings

The Universal Psychic Guild offers phone readings, text message readings, private video chat readings and e-mail readings. You can also get dream interpretation, numerology reports, tarot card readings, and astrology readings. The readings cover the standard subjects such as love, past lives, and other typical psychic subject matter. They seem especially focused around the love and dating arena, however, more than on other types of psychic readings. There’s very little to indicate specialties in other common areas like careers or past lives.

Screening Process

There’s not much information about this network’s screening process, which makes it a little suspect. What have they got to hide? The website says to submit an application and the applicant will be contacted if there is an opening, a phrase which could indicate a tough screening process or a “warm body” philosophy that moves psychics in and out of the network very quickly. It’s just very difficult to tell, so you need to be wary of these individuals and really look before you put your faith in any genuine psychics that you find on this site.

Impression of Website

This website is a little busy but it’s kind of nice, with plenty of free articles, videos, and resources that set them apart from most psychic networks. There’s a sense that this network has really joined the 21st century by offering a variety of multi-media and ways to interact with their psychics. For example you can receive free daily video horoscopes, find recommended products through, and a variety of articles. The site also offers some fun features like the “psychic ability test.” While the test is probably not the best way to see if you’re psychic it’s still a lot of fun. There’s a forum and a free chat as well.

Price and Special Offers

The Universal Psychic Guild falls back on two fairly standard special offers. 10 minutes for $10 or 5 minutes free. These deals do make some sense as psychics on this site seem to charge between $2.29 per minute and $5.45 per minute. You buy time in blocks of 15 or 30 minutes. There is a money back guarantee which is usually a good sign. You can also get a free numerology report over e-mail. It’s also one of the only psychic networks that takes Paypal, which is a real advantage for people who prefer to pay that way.


There’s nothing about this network that screams “run away,” but there’s still features that would make this network better such as a customer rating system for each psychic. It would also be great to see more insight into the screening and selection process, which would make it easier to be confident about the psychics there. These two facts keep it from being among the best networks available.

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