The History of Psychic Readings

People in science often look at psychic readings as utter nonsense. However, not even the most hardened cynic can deny that all human beings sometimes get unexplained feelings or premonitions about future events. These intervals of heightened perception should make it possible for the open-minded to consider that psychic readings may have validity.

History of Psychic Readings

History shows that psychic readings have been taking place since ancient times. These readings used different methodologies – some of which are no longer practiced today. For example, to foretell the future, the Etruscans and the early Romans used haruspicy, the study of the internal organs of animals that had been sacrificed to a god. The Ancient Greeks had their seers and the Oracle; the Ancient Chinese used Kau Cim (popularly referred to as chi-chi sticks today); and dreams were a means to look into the future by the early Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians. Ancient civilizations relied heavily on the psychic capabilities of people in their communities, and to this day people use surviving psychic methods to know realities beyond what straightforward science can define.

Popular Psychic Methods Today

Several methods stand out as popular ways for people to take a peek into the future, understand existing situations, and acquire information for decision making. Some of these methods are permutations from ancient practices and are often embedded in many cultures.

  • Aura reading is done by people who are able to see a field of luminous radiation surrounding another person. Seeing a person’s aura allows the reader to understand the character of that person and sense the effect that coming events may have on that person’s life.
  • Palmistry is of the most popular psychic reading forms today, and countless books have been written about the topic. Palmists use the lines and the shape of a person’s hand to read both his character and his future.
  • Cartomancy refers to the use of cards to predict future events or to understand ongoing developments in peoples’ lives. Tarot card reading, a form of cartomancy, uses cards that have specific, easier to interpret images. Books and manuals have been published on how tarot cards can be used.
  • Psychometry is the psychic method of obtaining information about a person through contact with that person’s belongings, usually objects that are meaningful to him. This method has been used to locate missing persons.
  • Other commonly used methods for psychic readings today include numerology, the reading of rune stones, tea leaves, and crystals.

It is evident that people today have a strong desire to know the future and to understand things beyond what can be perceived by normal senses.  A great resource for psychic readings is a site called  Perhaps someday science will catch up with the paranormal and find a viable explanation for intuition, ESP, and precognition. When that time comes, psychic reading just might become standard operating procedure for everybody.