Understanding The Concepts Behind Remote Viewing

Signs & PortentsPsychics are individuals who attempt to obtain information by employing their elevated human senses or abilities to perceive. They extract the information using their instincts too. Their sense of sight, feel, hearing and general knowledge together with what statements come up after the attempts forms a consultation that a seeker requires.

However, there have been psychics who charge clients to carry out their claimed psychic abilities remotely on mostly, phone and radio. These, according to my judgement is not accurate. Based on a few factors, the thought of how inaccurate the remote psychics are is as follows:

The missing study of a client’s body language

Since psychics rely on their senses to make conclusion statements, the remote psychics don’t get to study this out of their clients before making their conclusive statements. These non-verbal cues are key to the conclusion of the sessions. These cues such as gestures, facial expressions and stance play a fundamental role during a psychic session and hence remote psychic sessions are deemed to be non-accurate.

Lack of the essential simple eye observation

Shrewd observation offers a comprehensive platform upon which psychic readings can be done to successful conclusion. It requires that the psychic and the client be close together during the session and not have sessions over the phone or via radio. Once this key element is missing, one lacks the complementary study of body language, rendering the relevance of remote psychic readings inaccurate. Having noted this, one can say that remote psychics are not concerned with providing accurate information but rather applying a strategy that may be deceptive so that they can appear to provide the said information when the reality is that they cannot offer accurate information.

Evidence of unexplained clue seeking

With remote psychics, you realize that they try desperately to fish for information while making it hard for you to realize it. They try to elucidate information from clients yet this is not an entirely accurate method of psychic information gathering rather than simple use of all their elevated senses and the fewest of clues to make conclusions. How information is obtained during a psychic session plays a major role in the success of the session. I would consider the deceptive stance used to obtain information a failure of remote psychic sessions.

So much generalization and blurriness

Most of remote psychics may be similar to the horoscope printers in the daily newspapers as the conclusions that they come up with eventually, are so vague and general. I would not be wrong to state that they are considering their clients to be superstitious imbeciles. This is a very crude tactic that they employ to obtain money out of clients. It would be advisable to seek the services of a psychic that you get to see face to face.

The target is usually the gullible and credulous

Believing in the general psychic concepts is a choice that should not be judged. As for the fact that other remote psychics play games on individuals in the society that they deem to be gullible or stupid is just wrong and this is one of the major downfall of remote psychics.